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George hound


Holistic Health and Fitness Coach, 36

I have been obsessing for more than 10 years on two questions. First, "What is health?" and the second, "How does one get it?" After various educational degrees, professional certifications and clinical experience, I have come to realize that although health can mean different things to different people, it always is achieved from creating balance in your life. 


I am a father, spouse, business owner and athlete. I know how tough it can be to balance time for everything, especially your own body. But, I also know that you can't take care of the people counting on you for long if you don't take care of yourself as well. Balancing your four pillars of healthnutrition, exercise, rest and mindfulness—is necessary to keep you vital, optimal and happy.

My motto in life is "Master Your Body and You Will Master Your Universe". This may intimidate some people, but it shouldn't. I truly believe that you deserve an amazing life and that your dreams can come true. However, the way to get to that life is to master yourself through balancing your four pillars. Let me help you Master Your Universe. 


  • Master's Degree from McGill University in Pharmacology and Therapeutics

  • Bachelor's Degree from McGill University in Biochemistry

  • Advanced Corrective Exercise Certification and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Certification from CHEK Institute

  • Level 2 Exercise Therapy Association Certification

  • ADAPT Parkour Certification from Parkour Generations

George assessing his client


Lindsay M

"It has been a privilege to train with George.  I first connected with George when I was in my 1st trimester of pregnancy with my third child.  Although I was completely exhausted and nauseous as I attended my workout sessions, I always ended the workouts feeling stronger and more energetic with better body alignment and a decrease in pain.  He would tailor my workouts to my specific needs and current state, which was always changing as the baby grew.  His flexibility, caring, and easy-going personality were key in keeping me engaged in my exercises and I was able to exercise until the day I delivered my baby.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with George and I appreciate all his hard work to ensure I had a great experience."


"Working with George was amazing. His techniques and coaching style made for such enjoyable workouts. I suffer from severe neck and back pain and he was able to identify key issues contributing to this problem that I never realized. He customized each exercise to ensure I was working out in the right alignment and focused on shifting my body imbalances to reduce pain. I have a solid foundation in place again and am now so much stronger. Thanks, George!"

Art Allard

"I highly recommend George as a personal trainer. He's a great motivator, very knowledgeable and competent, always keeping up to date with the latest proven training techniques. I've trained at others gyms and George got the maximum results in a shorter time for me so I saved both time and money with him. And I always had fun every session!"

Suzie Vallerand

Franchise Developer

"I woke up one morning tired of all the extra pounds I carried with me and being so out of shape I could hardly climb up stairs. I found George and trained with him once a week on a resistance training program. These weekly workouts were challenging at first but George was able to create a safe and inspiring environment where I could find motivation to continue. I have shed 30 lbs now and thanks to George I have a new found appreciation not only in terms of physical training and workouts but also in making plans for the future. George is the best trainer I’ve had the privilege to work with and I highly recommend him. He’s always available to answer questions, give you advice –no lectures! You get a couple of laughs in too all the while pushing you and motivating you to give it your all. You will not be disappointed."

Chris C

"I had been dealing with ongoing back pain for several months. George assessed my body and posture and developed both an ongoing workout program for me, and a rehab type program for when I have flairups.  We started our sessions right around when Covid started and I have been very impressed with how he’s been able to help, even virtually.  My other healthcare providers (physio and chiro) have been impressed with the variety and quality of the full body workouts George developed for me. I would definitely recommend George for anyone dealing with ongoing pain or postural issues."


"I have had many personal trainers before but no one could even compare to George. He is not only extremely knowledgeable, but is kind and a pleasure to work with. His workouts are always different and exciting. As someone who gets bored easily and doesn’t enjoy exercising, George always made sure to create new and exciting workout plans for me. He was also always mindful of my overall health and ensured that I never got hurt. I will never work out with anyone else but George!"

Chris Tatigan

"Thank you George for all your hard work. You've helped me get so much stronger. With your encouragement I've been able to do so many things at the gym I never thought I could do! You bring such positive energy to every workout, somehow the hard work is always fun...George made me into a Lady Machine. He can make you into one too!"


"George has always dedicated himself to helping others live healthy lifestyles. 
With his studies in biology and pharmacology, he truly understands the functionality of the human body like no other trainer I’ve met.

George’s passion for training and care for helping others translates into every session spent with him. Not only does he create a program that is entirely adapted to his clients’ needs, but also considers their physical ability and exercise goals. He is always available to answer questions and is a great source of knowledge for exercise and nutrition. My knees were going inwards before meeting George, I never thought this could change!  
He gave me exercises and tricks specific to my needs and proved me wrong – every issue can be improved once treated adequately!  I have never been in better shape.  I have never had this much fun training. I have never had a trainer so knowledgeable and genuinely interested in making an impact in his client’s lives. 
Thanks George for always taking the time, for considering my goals and changing my life when it comes to exercising."

Matthew B

"George Chountalos embodies the characteristics one must look for in a personal trainer. George is extremely knowledgeable and experienced which enables him to provide unparalleled training services. As someone who has struggled physically and has been unable to stay dedicated, George has made a significant impact on my health. With such a magnitude of experience, George developed a program specifically tailored to me, which has enabled me to reach physical levels I never thought possible. George’s program was entirely cognizant of my physical capabilities, which is extremely important, as I was able to progress at a steady pace and learn to exercise properly and efficiently. George also sat down with me on numerous occasions to discuss my nutrition and helped create a multi-faceted nutrition plan that I adhere to daily. Over the course of my training program, George was not only an incredible trainer but also a caring friend. Most importantly, George made exercise fun and I would always have my Tuesday nights with George to look forward to."

Ray M

"I couldn’t ask for more in a personal trainer.  George takes his craft very seriously, is extremely knowledgeable, and is 100% present when working with me, watching my form, pushing me, ensuring I am doing things properly and safely.  He challenges me and also motivates me such that I challenge myself.  George truly cares about the people he works with and somehow makes our training sessions truly enjoyable and fulfilling.  Thank you George!"

Cynthia Chin

"Today, stress is at its highest, as our world is evolving so quickly with all the new technologically changes. With these changes, stress has taken a toll on everyone’s life. Whether it being mental and/or physical. I myself suffer from anxiety attacks and high blood pressure from all these stressors. I decided it was time to take control of my health. To take control of my mental / emotional health, I practice yoga and meditation. For my physical health, I found George.  During my sessions with George, I was extremely impressed by his knowledge on both the mechanics and biochemistry of the human body as well as how the mind can have a major effect on the physical body. He was also well versed on how nutrition and supplements can support/compliment your mental and physical health. George’s passion in integrative fitness, his ability to listen and connect with client, has resulted in them achieving their goals. Because of him and his charismatic personality, I was able to convince my reluctant husband to try George out and became a regular client.  George is very caring and extremely attentive to each client needs, what their limits are and how far he can push them. In my case, he would monitor my blood pressure before and after exercising, compile an exercise regime that helps me relieve stress and tension but also minimize elevation in my BP. He encourages and motivates me to do better, while being conscience of how much I am capable of. He is also a great listener, which allows me to vent some steam. He deserves the best compliments from me and my husband. We plan to be long-term clients, and more importantly, continue to work with George in obtaining our difference objectives.  So if you are seeking to center both your mental and physical health then you will require an integrative, holistic and functional trainer. George is the one."

Layla Barocca

"Effortlessly, a good trainer inspires you to push hard, set & meet workout goals, and gives you the confidence to see beyond your preconceived “limits”, helping you achieve even more than you thought possible. George is that type of trainer. He has a true passion for the industry that comes through in his workouts. He makes working-out enjoyable, keeps you engaged but challenged, and keeps you coming back for more, week after week! He is both approachable & knowledgeable and is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Without a doubt, George is one of the best in the industry and what’s even better; he’ll keep you smiling throughout the workout!"

Jennifer L

"George is highly efficient and organized when planning his one-on-one workouts and during his instruction in the small group classes I attended.  He doesn't just "wing it" which makes me confident in his ability to focus on the individual muscle groups, without over doing it in one area, so you are leaving stronger and in good condition (ie. not having strained a muscle).  George cares immensely about all of his clients and that shows when he goes the extra step in accommodating your needs and wants - always striving to do better and bring more to your workouts.  I highly recommend George, he trains both me and my husband and several business associates that we have directed his way."

Kelly Courtney

"George is an awesome trainer.  He has great knowledge and skill when it comes to training, but it is his passion and enthusiasm that make the workouts great.  Just when you think you can’t do more – he is there to encourage you to push yourself a little harder; or when you think you have mastered the workout – he will change it up just enough to make sure you are still challenged.  The best thing about George is that he genuinely cares about his clients and this is obvious in every workout.  You sure will be missed at MBG Montreal!!"

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