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There isn't one diet for everyone.


You are a unique biochemical 
individual, so it's important to determine what diet is best for your metabolic needs and lifestyle.

This 8-week long workshop will teach you how to develop your own personal nutrition and supplementation program.


You will be held accountable for making changes with the homework you will be given every week.

Some of the topics that will be covered in this program include:

  • How many carbs, fats and proteins you need

  • How to develop your perfect diet plan

  • Tips on staying motivated with eating healthy

  • How to know if your organs are healthy

  • Is organic food necessary?

  • Natural solutions for leaky gut, bloating, heartburn, and more

  • How many meals you should eat in a day

  • What time is best to eat at

  • Good supplements vs. bad supplements, and do you even need them?

  • What's the deal with GMO foods?

  • Learning if you have a fungus or parasite

*It is recommended that you attend the free Take Control of Your Health Workshop before you purchase this package. 



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